6 responses to “Phellorinia herculanea (tentative)”

  1. Ola

    Incredible photo

  2. Mario Vaden

    Great community shot.
    Reminds me of how the skunk cabbage emerges in our area.
    Not at all for similarity of course, but how the scattered growth emerges together in an area.
    Thanks for the submission.

  3. Big Al

    You forgot the important information, How does it taste?

  4. Daniel Mosquin

    Considering the Aboriginal uses didn’t include food, I suspect it’s not edible. Though called a puffball, it isn’t closely related to puffballs.

  5. farmer burns

    thanks for sharing. I just discovered this site and look forward to regularly checking in as well as browsing what is here. great photos.

  6. Matthias

    I think this is not Phellorinia herculeana, but immature fruitbodies of Podaxis pistillaris by their shape and peridium. Great Photo, though.

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