5 responses to “Petrified Forest National Park”

  1. Michael F

    “First of all, visitors to BPotD are now tracked geographically via a Clustrmap”
    Wonder how accurate it is . . . I’m not mapped by it

  2. Daniel Mosquin

    Accurate enough. I’ve seen the geographically-based IP address databases – somewhere around 95% accuracy (in fact, we use one for the ad banners). It’s possible that your ISP reports its servers as being from a different area or that you didn’t get recorded in the initial partial day of data – give it a few more days. Do you live in a city that starts with a W?

  3. Petra

    i went here summer of 2005 it is one of my favorite places ever!!! it is so insanely beautiful and surreal, it feels like another planet entirely.

  4. Cyndy Henderson

    Daniel, this is awesome!! I have often wondered where your “readers” come from, now I know! THANKS MUCH from a fan!

  5. fotrristi

    This is so beautiful! Really sets my imagination going…. I saw some carbonized trees ones and I thought that was great. This is way better and a beautiful picture too!

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