5 responses to “Grasslands National Park”

  1. Bonnie Moro

    Thank goodness.

  2. Michael Williamson

    Agree totally with Ms. Moro. Grasslands is a treasure as these photos show.

  3. Daniel Mosquin

    I added the area information so that one could calculate a measure of “solitude” – with Grasslands clearly being the winner, by a factor of roughly 10 over Death Valley NP (though at certain times of the year, I can imagine DVNP to be nearly empty).

    I know it’s more complicated than at first glance, but I also found visitorship interesting when comparing parks with outstanding landform features vs. botanical features. Other factors complicate this, of course (proximity to a major city, for example).

    Lastly, I should point out we saw 2 of Canada’s Endangered species (swift fox and burrowing owl) and one species of Special Concern (black-tailed prairie dog) in the span of a day at Grasslands.

  4. Cyndy Henderson

    Extraordinary …

  5. Toon Pronk

    GNP took my breath away last spring. Visiting the area for a few days during a cross country trip in May it was a memorable highlight. The landscape was parched after a 4 year drought, wildlife was fantastic. To top things of we “camped” in a teepee at “The Crossing” on the western border of the park. We hiked off road in a few spots and the landscape is breath-taking.

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