7 responses to “Ganoderma lucidum”

  1. dale hinton

    Lingzhi spirits guide
    Daily Jesuits provide
    Healthy feel inside?

  2. Big Al

    Yeah! but is it good to eat?

  3. Janet A.

    Interesting fungus!
    Is there a good source where one can learn the correct pronounciation of plant names? Thanks!

  4. Dave Tompkins

    Would you by any chance be interested ina photo of a tooth fungus; probably coral hedgehog (Hericium coralloides) or bearded hedgehog (H. erinaceus)? Thanks

  5. Daniel Mosquin

    Al, no, not edible – too tough to eat.
    Janet, Tom Volk includes audio files of name pronunciation for many of his featured fungi on the respective pages. If you visit the tree profile pages on Virginia Tech’s Dendrology site, they also include similar help. Beyond that, though, I’m not aware of too much. People can quite vehemently disagree about Latin pronunciation, though.
    Dave – sure, but I’d prefer it be posted to the Flickr site or the UBC BG forums. My inbox has over 200 emails right now with various “to-dos”.

  6. C.Wick

    A beautiful group! These are also known/said to be the oldest cultivated fungi in the world! The Chinese have been growing/harvesting these for thousands of years for medicinal teas….

  7. ezeh Amaka

    i appreciate the good work of this plant. i would also suggest that in preparing it for herbal use,there should be no sugar in it so that diabetics can use it without fear.

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