7 responses to “David C. Lam Asian Garden”

  1. dale hinton

    Asian garden pink
    Cardassians may just think
    There’s a loss of ink?

  2. Cyndy Henderson

    This month-long path has been glorious ~ and what a magnificent finale.

  3. Michael Brown

    A absolutely wonderful feel to this image!
    The composition, the way that the light has been handled, the coloring, the details, … excellent!

  4. Elizabeth

    Extraordinary! Has the look of a mid winter deep freeze! Now THAT’S appropriate timing! Hehe! Welcome back!

  5. Jeannine

    The picture today is really nice, I don’t really consider it abstract like previous photos
    12-16-2006 to 1-14-2007. HOWEVER, I sure am happy that tomorrow is January 15, 2007.

  6. Ron B

    I didn’t know UBCBG had a flocking gun.

  7. Liz Bouchard

    Wonderful shadows and light. The splash of blue sky in the background is the perfect compliment.
    Hope your vacation was terrific! Welcome back, and thanks for the abstracts while you were gone. I enjoyed them tremendously.

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