5 responses to “Darlingtonia californica”

  1. dale hinton

    Cobra lily plant
    Pitcher to insects enchant
    Neither can recant?

  2. Ann

    Absolutely new arena for me. I recommend you go to Makoto Honda’s Insectivorous Plants in the Wilderness photo gallery page for Darlingtonia californica. You may have known about these plants but for us who did not- a real eyeopener in the best sense.

  3. Ron B

    Same location has some impressive tall Myrica californica.

  4. lynn

    The “false exits” bring to mind a bee that flew into my house the other day and flew straight to the brightest light. All I needed to do was turn out all the lights and open the door to the deck, which was now the main light source. But before that, the bee was using up a huge amount of energy, buzzing around that light. So I really get why those translucent patches work now. They were one of the features that entranced me when I saw a mass of D. californica like this one, about an hour from where these are.

  5. lynn

    And thanks for the link to Makoto Honda’s site – some great photos there!

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