One response to “Musa (unknown hybrid)”

  1. Mary Ann, in Toronto

    The set on Flickr (link above), on development of flowers of banana plant, is really worth a look if you have any interest in or curiosity about this plant. I was in the Caribbean some years ago and walked through a banana plantation, and loved seeing the stages of development — especially the unfolding and gradual turning-upwards of the developing banana hands. I was able to take with me a spent stalk after all the flowers/bananas had gone — something like the last photo in the Flickr series (although that photo doesn’t capture the details or the beauty of it).
    Every element of this part of the plant was beautiful, from the purple, cone-shaped flower head at the tip, to the pattern left on the face of the structures where the banana hands had been attached. Here was something that typically would be dismissed and discarded as garbage. But when you stopped to really look at the details, it was gorgeous.

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