5 responses to “Joshua Tree National Park”

  1. rupi

    i’ve never seen live, interesting form

  2. Jando

    I’ve been to Joshua Tree a few times and it just begs to be photographed. Certainly beautiful country down there.

  3. Ben M

    Hmm, can I guess the four parks?
    [ think … stop thinking … look up list … ]
    nope, I got two parks and the monument. Had to look up the other two.

  4. Bill

    Those interested in Joshua trees might like this article by Chris Clarke:
    (He includes a series of reference links in a post soon after that one.)

  5. Janet A.

    It’s so good to see a photo of one of my favorite plants! I grew up on a Mohave Desert ranch with a Joshua Tree in the front yard. The tree had many more branches than the ones in the above photo. It also had a partially hollow trunk that ground squirrels (we called Chipmunks) often nested in. Way back then, Joshua Trees were part of the Lily family.

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