4 responses to “Echinocereus rigidissimus (likely var. rubrispinus)”

  1. Petra

    this is really beautiful i am so happy to wake up to this image.

  2. Daph

    This is so intricate in design, and the colours are very seasonal, what a beauty! Its like a huge fragile Christmas bauble, I could never get tired of gazing at it.

  3. Case

    I call this the Arizona Rainbow… I collected mine in the hills near Kartchner Caverns. Being subjected to the varying years ( About 4 ) of weather, it is fat in some stages of growth, narrow in others. Kinda looks like a Snowman ! The colors are Red-Pink, some Golden Yellow, and neat violet, and of course vivid Green.. All I need is the Blue ! Anybody wanna see a Pic ?

  4. Alexander Jablanczy

    Must be the smartest plant on this planet as not only can you not track down its name its rays cannot be counted maybe that’s why it has no taxonomic pinhole pigeonhole to inhabit.
    One thing we do agree on is that its structure and colour scheme is both ineffably and chaotically beautiful. Should be the emblematic cult flower of anarchists. As long as they spin.

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