7 responses to “Alnus incana subsp. tenuifolia”

  1. Daniel Mosquin

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  2. Knox M. Henry

    Out of trajedy — beauty [in a way !]. What is the blue/black dicolouration in the top picture? Is it a fungus?
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    Knox H.

  3. Michael F

    “What is the blue/black dicolouration in the top picture?”
    Looks like a bit of ingrown bark to me, but it could be a patch of fungal decay

  4. Daniel Mosquin

    Ingrown bark. That particular plant was split into two main trunks, and this is near where they had started to split.

  5. Katherine

    If your focus is on saving plants rather than the overall look of the garden, don’t be too hasty to remove things that appear dead (apart from cleaning up what broke off or fell over). They might come back in the spring.
    In the California Bay Area, in Feb 1989, we had a low of 19F, which killed a lot of things. But it was surprising how many plants survived. I was going to throw away the sorry remains of my potted jade tree, a pile of mush, and my husband suggested just leaving it alone. Sure enough, it did come back from the roots. A bigger problem was that although the citrus trees survived at the root level, they were killed below the graft, so when they regenerated, it was from the non-fruiting rootstock.
    The snow you had might have killed the tops of a lot of plants, but would have insulated the ground (and their roots) from some of the worst of the cold. I grew up in the US midwest, and the worst cold damage was always caused by a cold snap with no snow cover.
    You might be surprised at what survives, though it is always sad to see what does not.

  6. Gail Moshier

    So sorry about the damage from the storm, Daniel, I hope your ads will help replenish the plants that were lost. Good luck with that. Nature sometimes is not so kind, but the beauty lives on dispite the losses. I hope more of the plants survived than you think, that’s my prayer.

  7. Daph

    As I began to view this brilliantly coloured raw wood, for an instance I thought I could actually smell it! How’s that for mind over matter?

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