5 responses to “Thuja plicata”

  1. Daniel Mosquin

    I can’t help but see a pained face in this photograph, as an aside.

  2. Ron B

    Yes: it’s groaning.

  3. Olena (photomaniac on Flickr)

    Speaking of stumps -last Sunday’s episode of the tv series Green Valley discussed the ancient, widespread, woodland management practice of ‘coppicing’- regrowth of stumps produced new wood more rapidly than starting from seedlings. It’s still done today to a small extent. Wikipedia has an entry, or google ‘coppicing’.

  4. Karl Zipser

    Glad you find Art and Perception interesting. I’m a painter. I have learned a great deal about photography from this group web log. It has also inspired me to look at photography web logs that I might have missed otherwise.

  5. Daniel Mosquin

    Thanks Karl – I’m personally learning a lot from painters!

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