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  1. christian STAEBLER

    I like the slideshow BW & Duotone very much. It’s exactly the kind of photos I would be glad being able to realize myself. Makes me think of Blossfeldt in the approach of details. It’s sensitive, full of emotions and inspiring…

  2. Maureen

    Daniel — I’m happy to see you have discovered one of my very very favorite flickr friends, Elisabeth Feldman — and, that you featured her on BPOTD so eloquently. Elisabeth is humble about her incredible abilities, yet she has such keen insight into the natural world, and a willingness to experiment with her photos. Her finely honed artistic vision results in beautiful, intimate portraits of Nature.

  3. Vasha

    I think the woody tendrils in the upper right are some kind of grape. The lower right could be a cucurbit, but really it’s pretty generic. The other two look like they might be distinctive, but I don’t recognize them.

  4. Guy Webb

    I too believe shots to be of grape vine tendrils.

  5. Elisabeth Feldman

    I can’t say how grateful I am to have my botanical work highlighted here. Obviously it’s a passion and to have my passion appreciated in the way I intend is extraordinarily nourishing and encouraging.
    Thank you, many times over,
    Elisabeth Feldman
    (i’ll try in the future to be better about names. I’ve got my book next to computer now and I’ve been learning how to identify these wonders I find!)

  6. Elisabeth Feldman

    Btw, most of the finer tendrils are likely either sweat pea vines or clematis. Thicker ones are probably passeflower vines! No grapes around here.

  7. Alexander Jablanczy

    They are cis and trans models of fatty acids and cholesetol and other steroid stereomolecules
    and plantsterols or wire models of faulty crystal classes or a coming out of a secret art nouveau jugendstil secessionist admirer of curlicues and tendrils and lepidopteral antennae.

  8. botanical art

    the slide show was amazing. can’t wait to see what’s around the bend.

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