8 responses to “Juniperus scopulorum”

  1. Ole Stauning

    But it’s immediately recognized even on the small Dashboard image.

  2. Lynn

    The background texture and color jump forward as the tree flattens and blends – it’s a nice effect – makes the eye move back and forth. You could do (in your spare time?) a great series on this tree, all from the same angle but many variations. Happy Holiday –

  3. Myma

    I love this tree. I have the earlier picture as my desktop picture.

  4. elizabeth

    Lighthouse Park, n’est pas? I know this individual quite well.

  5. Ron B

    People down this way can visit this ecosystem without a ferry trip at Washington Park, Anacortes, WA. Extensive natural rock gardens plunging off into the water, with scattered picturesque junipers–just like as in above photo.

  6. phillip

    itty bitty blue bunny…or something blue…what is that little blue dot in front of the tree…a blue flower ?….anyways…..

  7. Daniel Mosquin

    Nope, not Lighthouse Park nor requiring a ferry trip to see. This was taken in BC’s Interior, near Merritt, BC: here’s the location on Google Maps (on that little point of land jutting out into the lake). That being said, I’d like to know more details about the specific locations you both mentioned elizabeth and Ron – both would be shorter distances for me to travel.
    phillip, you’ve an eagle eye (or two). That’s a piece of garbage, unfortunately. I would’ve gone to pick it up, but a 75m or so trek down the cliffside in cold, sharp winds (we could only stay outside the truck for about 8 minutes) meant that will have to wait for a more pleasant day. I’d like a photograph of the plant with the sun setting behind it, so I’ll be returning.

  8. athanasios

    the island with the most slender and symmetrical
    uniperus trees is Aegina island in greece.
    the wood is hard and very difficcult to pierce.
    trhe bark is of light brown colour and appears
    as made up of longitudinal shreds.the ripe fruit
    is small-4 to 6 mm diam- and brownish.The average
    grown trees height is 10-12 ft.the trunk diam.
    is inbetween 20 to 35 cm. the trunks stand
    upright like cypress trees.have you any idea
    what ius the scientific name of this juniperus?

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