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  1. Safari

    I guess a couple of possibilities as to why the Amazon rainforest lacks any Juncus spp. could be: 1. this particular plant may require a certain level of readily available Nitrogen and the soils of the Amazon Basin are unable to store significant amounts (or other nutrients) as NO3 is constantly leached through the action of water; 2. another possibility could be the inability for certain types of mycorrhiza to inoculate the soil, an association (arbuscular type) that is frequent in other Central/South American habitats where Juncus spp. exist. and a feature of most plants in mature tropical forests- perhaps this is geologic or more alarmingly, an indication of steadily increasing levels of deforestation disturbance which destroys mycorrhizal communities quite easily.

  2. Marjorie Jarrett

    Exquisite image – started my day with a zing. Thanks!

  3. Sunny

    That has to be Photo Of The Year. Thanks Daniel.

  4. Maureen Shaughnessy

    oooo – Daniel, Marjorie stole my comment.’-D
    Your photo is exquisite! It’s so serene, and the quiet colors only add to that sense. Wow! I agree with Sunny, too – Photo of the Year. ****

  5. Dan McKean

    Actually, one grass species does exist in Antarctica–and one member of the pink family as well!
    Great site; I’ve enjoyed it very much since I discovered it a year ago!

  6. dori wright

    Amazing photo! I guess I am not the only one to think so!

  7. Daniel Mosquin

    Thank you for the kind words, all.
    Dan – thanks for the reminder about that. Your note prompted me to remember I mentioned that Antarctic grass somewhere on BPotD over a year ago. Too bad the distribution map for Poaceae on the Angiosperm Phylogeny Group web site doesn’t quite match – I should have remembered, in any case.

  8. Manuela D.L. Ramos

    Wonderful photo. Really special!

  9. Marijke

    What a fantastic picture. Made my day too!

  10. phillip

    when this came on the screen…i went “whew”…what a great pic !!!

  11. Hollis Marriott

    my message is overdue and more of the same, but I just HAD to say … a really beautiful photo, the color combination alone is wonderful!

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