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  1. bev

    I don’t know where everybody else is today, but I found this picture spectacular and very soothing. I sent the link to a friend who just recently had heart surgery; very contemplative photo. Thanks again; this site is a treasure.

  2. Daniel Mosquin

    Thanks bev – different people like different things, so few or no comments doesn’t equate with a poor photograph.
    I’m glad you are sending along the images to friends, though – I hope your friend recovers.

  3. Laura

    This is beautiful, in its own beautiful way. I love how the textures and colors of the hills (rocks?) are captured on film. If I could afford to travel, I’d love to visit the Southwest in the wintertime. (Hoping the temps are cooler, and the tourism are seasonally low.)

  4. Sheila Pickerill

    For quite some years my family and I spent Christmas in Death Valley for its seeming likeness to the Palestine of Christ Jesus. Traditionally, the Park Service places an enormous lighted star on top of one of the more easily seen peaks, but the soul-feeling elicited from this very special place gives one a feeling of going backward in time to that first Christmas of all. Thank you, Daniel, for sharing this small section of an incredible area!

  5. Daniel Mosquin

    Thanks for the comments Laura and Sheila.
    Laura, if you do visit the area, you’ll find that Death Valley is the reverse of many parks elsewhere – its high season runs from autumn to spring, and summer is the low tourism season (in fact, much of the park shuts down). This is because of the extreme (and dangerous) heat of the summer.
    If you’re interested in wildflowers, the times to go are either spring or autumn, as long as the preceding season (either summer or winter) has had rain. Of course, this doesn’t apply to Death Valley, but a place like Tucson, for example, has summer rains that yield autumn flowers.

  6. Flo

    Very nice photo of Death Valley. Thanks for that beautiful blog.

  7. katie

    beautiful deserts on a hot day!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Troy Mullens

    Wonderful photo.
    Nice writeup and thanks for the link.

  9. Alice

    Hi, im doing a project on Las Vegas, and we have to do about the natural and built attactions in the area. I chose this picture of Death Valley because its just amazing!.. And they sky so blue.

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