One response to “Colletia hystrix ‘Rosea’”

  1. Alex Jablanczy

    Actually given all the praise of this site there is one thing I dont like perhaps because it reminds me of a failing developing and aggravating with age the reminder by the blurred focus photos of my eyes failure to accommodate as when I switch from very close say my teacup to medium close a book to slightly farther the computer screen to still farther the TV screen to still farther outside the window the street or further afield the stars and the sky. Each step in a youthful eye results in immediate accommodation that is perfect focus but fatiguing old eyes cant. So I have to squint and shake my head rub my eyes and wait a few seconds before I can see what I am looking at the letters on the monitor screen or on the Weatherchannel.
    So when I am looking at plant esp flower photos I dont want to be reminded of struggles with blurred vision and no matter how far I lean forward aquint shake my head the background is still blurry.

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