7 responses to “BC Native Garden”

  1. Françoise

    Small vignette or colourful flower, each photograph is a treat. Not to mention the comments.
    Thank you.

  2. bev

    Colorful flowers are great, but please don’t stop with the vignettes; your photos are exquisite!
    They also teach us to hone our own eye as we walk around our respective natural environments.

  3. magnamater

    Love the tunnelling effect and the colors are subtle but beautiful and serene.

  4. Elizabeth Bouchard

    A lovely picture that both excites and calms the eye. Sometimes colorful flowers are highly over rated anyhow. Thanks for the pic.

  5. Faustina

    I must agree with the other folks; this photo has a wonderfully meditative quality–it bespeaks a magical story about to begin…
    This is one of the pleasures of my day–Please, don’t change!

  6. Anthony

    Reminiscent of Eliot Porter.

  7. Daniel Mosquin

    Thanks, Anthony – someone I wasn’t familiar with – now to learn more!

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