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  1. judy newton

    I am very fond of this is a very handsome small shrub. I wish it was available to gardeners. The autumn colour is really lovely and the flowers are a real bonus.

  2. Mats G. Fondelius

    I´m working with Vaccinium sp. R&D – can you get a hold of this plant from anywhere without going to the Azores? If so where?
    Best regards,
    Mats Fondelius
    CEO Seglora Bär AB, Sweden

  3. Daniel Mosquin

    Hello Mats,
    I don’t believe it is in commerce. As you’ve likely noted, an online search reveals no nurseries selling the plant, and only a few gardens with it in their collections. I’m not certain what to suggest – perhaps try the Sourcing Plants forum on the UBC Botanical Garden Forums (you need to be registered to see it and participate on it).

  4. Allen Hancock

    I came across Vaccinium cylindraceum at our local farmer’s market. It turns out that the man I spoke with got it from his wife who is a blueberry researcher at Oregon State University. He’s selling them at http://buggycrazy.vstore.ca/index.php/page/2/sort/2a/cName/woody-plants. It says on the web page that he’s sold out but I saw two of them last weekend.

  5. Eric in SF

    Does the UBC Garden do any propagation from their collection that’s then sold to raise money for the gardens? Strybing in San Francisco and UC Berkeley does this with many of their rare plants and the sales are very well attended.

  6. Daniel Mosquin

    Yes, on occasion there are sales through Friend of the Garden events or these plants can be found in the Shop in the Garden. The big event is the May Perennial Plant Sale, which often has more than just perennials…

  7. Miguel Ferreira

    I’m a Forester at Azores islands, and I came up with this website, which is definitely of much interest for me.Some of the plantations I am doing here are using our endemic blueberry. Unfortunately here, people only now are starting to value our endemic, for which it’s so interesting to see people’s curiosity over seas. By the end of this month, I’ll be going to Vancouver for the Ecoturism conference, I’m wiling to take some fruits with me, for the UBC if you have any interest about that, now it’s the fruiting season for our blueberry.
    Best regards,
    Miguel Ferreira

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