3 responses to “Morganella pyriformis (tentative)”

  1. Matt

    Thanks for posting the photo, Daniel. Your site is a valuable asset for keeping me updated on the taxonomic state of so many different plants and fungi. To address today’s photo…yep, Tom’s name is much more fun. There’s something about fungi that seems to elicit more visceral reactions in us…even “sober” scientists can’t resist epithets like “lycoperdon” and, one of the most unabashedly brazen, the scientific name for the common stinkhorn. (You can find that at Michael’s website…just search the site index for “stinkhorns.”

  2. Steve

    Without following your link to Tom Volk’s website, I would never have known that Lycopersicon was the “wolf’s peach”! Thanks for sharing the URL.

  3. brandon

    Wikipedia claims that a 2008 study with a larger sample of species retained this species in the Lycoperdon genus.

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