8 responses to “Malus ‘Melrose’”

  1. Ruth

    I always look forward to taking home some varieties of apples that I hadn’t known before and trying them in different ways – for eating, for salads, for apple desserts, etc. It might be very interesting to have some feedback from people who have bought some of the more unusual varieties of apples at the UBC Apple Festival this weekend.
    How would you describe the taste of this apple? How did you use your apples?
    Why did you buy this particular variety?
    Do you have a special recipe that you use for this variety?

  2. Eric La Fountaine

    ‘Melrose’ has been one of my favourites at the Apple Festival. I always try to buy a bag of those. I did not know the origin before. I can definately taste flavours characteristic of ‘Jonathan’ and ‘Delicious’, but I find the combination superior to either variety. I wish this variety was more readily available. It is certainly market worthy.

  3. Ron B

    Great with almond butter.

  4. Elaine

    This photo makes my mouth water!

  5. phillip lacock

    …from a beautiful tree to a beautiful fruit..from the fragrant pink and white blossoms of spring…to the sweet warm cinnamon smell of a pie in the oven…life can be quite wonderful…

  6. Ron B

    You’ve got a pie in the oven? Do we all get a slice?

  7. Scott

    This has been my dad’s favorite pie apple for 25 years!

  8. Noel Noll

    I would like to sample a variety of apples to help in my decision on what apple tree to plant. Do you know of anyone doing this? Thanks.

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