One response to “Mahonia ×media ‘Charity’”

  1. Douglas Justice

    There is a Botanical Garden interpretive sign for mahonias. For some reason, though, it does not appear on the posted list of interpretive signs. Here it is:

    Mahonia (Berberidaceae) is a genus of western North American and eastern Asian pachycaul shrubs with pinnately compound evergreen leaves and fragrant, yellow flowers.

    Mahonia is sometimes not differentiated from Berberis (particularly by American botanists), but differs in its unarmed, mostly unbranched and thickened (i.e., pachycaulous) stems and inflorescences produced in bundles (Berberis have spiny, well-branched stems and axillary inflorescences). Mahonia xmedia (M. japonica x M. lomariifolia) includes a number of handsome cultivars, including ‘Arthur Menzies’, ‘Buckland’ and ‘Charity’, all of which succeed in the Botanical Garden. Their generous, crown-like flower clusters are produced from November through February in mild weather.

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