5 responses to “Hygrocybe coccinea”

  1. Olena (photomaniac on Flickr)

    Well, what a coincidence. That looks a lot like the redcaps I posted to the group pool earlier today, which were from Cape Breton Highlands National Park.

  2. Olena (photomaniac on Flickr)

    Incidentally, the other red mushroom I posted yesterday has to be a different kind – those were growing in dry gravel on a windswept hillside. The largest was no more than 25mm d., and they were distinctly slimy on the topside.

  3. Big Al

    I found that it was useful to do a spore print onto a microscope slide, so that the colour etc. can be seen, and you are ready to see the spores magnified.

  4. Essie

    Beautiful picture

  5. Anne

    I don’t know if this is useful to anyone (or more confusing) but I just found some of these growing at a Girl Scout camp in southeast Wisconsin. They are gorgeous!!

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