4 responses to “Colchicum autumnale and Vitis vinifera ‘Purpurea’”

  1. Big Al

    Colcidine was the only specific for gout for centuries.

  2. Beverley

    Colchicum autumnale – Z5 – RHS Index of Garden Plants, Griffiths
    Colchicum autumnale – Z5 + not frost tender, Plants For A Future
    Vitis vinifera ‘Purpurea’ – Z6 – RHS Index of Garden Plants, Griffiths
    Vitis vinifera ‘Purpurea’ – Z6-9 – A-Z Encyclopedia of Garden Plants, Brickell, Cole, Zuk

  3. Lori Skulski

    Living in a cold zone, I’ve found that published zone ratings are frequently not to be trusted. Colchicum autumnale is hardy here in zone 3; my mother also grows them successfully in zone 2.

  4. A Jablanczy

    Colchicine is still synthetised apparently from crocus but it is a yellow powder as is the pill.
    It still is the primary treatment for acute gout
    and is used in other nearly untreatable ailments such as pulmonary fibrosis. The main benefit in gout is not only nearly immediate relief but
    an almost certain therapeutic trial, if the cellulitis inflammation responds to colchicine then it is gout, if not then something else. So it is indeed a specific.
    All other very important plant remedies are nowadays synthetised de novo from scratch, digitalis foxglove, leukovorin periwinkle, aspirin willow bark, gentian violet from gentian violet, vitamin C from paprika, folic acid from green leaves.

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