6 responses to “Capsicum annuum cultivars”

  1. Eric in SF

    Awesome set of links inside the article, Daniel!
    Luck was on my side with this shot. I saw the peppers at the Tuesday Farmer’s Market on the 17th but had no camera. I remembered to bring the camera on the 24th!

  2. A E Warren

    The lovely photo of the peppers reminds me that, for those who choose peppers for the capsicum (HEAT), the little ornamental peppers you can find at many places that sell plants are PLENTY HOT! Real nuisance when you have to replant them.
    –Liz Warren

  3. Elena Haskins

    Must. Find. Peppers. Eat.
    Delicious photo. Thank you.
    Blessed Be,

  4. Dave West

    “It is so very welcome to have some colour when the days are starting to turn grey.” Ok, you asked for it:
    http://www.prescottwionline.com/flowers/index2.html [random]
    http://www.prescottwionline.com/flowers/index3.html [plain]
    Use Firefox (not IE).

  5. Charity

    This did not help my pregnancy cravings for hot peppers. I’m with Elena. Must. Find. Peppers. Thanks for the lovely photo…

  6. Dallas Covington

    awww just beautimous!
    Chef asked me to cut up some red bell peppers and when I pulled them out of the box, the red color and shades of them made me not want to cut them up for the saute pan….almost made me tear up because what I had in my hand was just soooo beautiful!

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