4 responses to “Begonia ‘Bonfire’”

  1. Eric in SF

    Daniel – care to explain further why you dropped the boliviensis epithet? This identical plant is widely cultivated here in the Bay Area as the species boliviensis, but it sounds like it might be a hybrid.

  2. edgeplot

    If Begonia is one of the ten largest, which are the others? I think Senecio and Euphorbia and Carex might qualify, but what else?

  3. Daniel Mosquin

    Eric – you might assume that the October 2005 issue of RHS’s The Garden with some hints about why RHS chose to drop boliviensis would be available to me, but it still hasn’t managed to find its way to the garden’s library (since it is first circulated to all staff), so I can’t check to see.
    edgeplot – Astragalus would make the list, I think, as would Rhododendron.

  4. Daniel Mosquin

    Ah, the genus Acacia should also make that list. That means we’re up to seven.

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