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  1. Karen S

    Beautiful pictures. Love the website.

  2. goat

    Ç’est fantastique!!!
    Love the website. Even wanted to order one, but it was sold out.

  3. E. Marie Robertson

    If you like Christian’s work, you will probably also enjoy the work of Katinka Matson, who has been creating art in a similar way for several years now:
    Katinka Matson

  4. Daniel Mosquin

    I’ll add that I am familiar with Katinka Matson’s work (and it is also beautiful), but I’ll point out one noticeable difference – the subjects in Matson’s work are all present on the scanner bed at one time (I think) and therefore all presented at the same scale, so I suppose it can be considered realistic. Christian’s work, it seems to me, is surrealistic.

  5. E. Marie Robertson

    Interesting! My response to the two artists is almost opposite of yours, Daniel; Katinka’s work feels extraordinarily surreal in an almost disembodied way, there is something about it that makes me uncomfortable, while Christian’s feels warmer and more accessible somehow (despite the deceased vole …)
    (I’m also an art photographer, but I’m one of those dinosaurs who prefers film and large-scale hand C-printing)

  6. Daniel Mosquin

    Huh. Well, I’ve no background or training in art, so I’m happy you shared your thoughts – time for me to learn something new, methinks!

  7. Michael F

    The bit of conifer cone is the basal scales from a Pinus pinea cone

  8. christian STAEBLER

    Thank you all for the comments. I didn’t know Katinka Matson. I like the brighness of her pctures but there still not too far from photography (i think). I discovered someone else doing scans on the Yessy website. Jeannie Delaney is closer to what I’m doing : she is creating something different once she has scanned her flowers. here is a link to her pages :
    I started to do this pictures to collect the varieties of livings in my garden 5 years ago and slowly started tocreat images of more complexity to create “new worlds”. If this is getting through, I’m glad you enjoy them…

  9. Manisha

    hi i like ur art its very beautiful i m hindu but i like christian tradition n religion

  10. Mary Miller

    I hope this thread is still alive.
    Not all ‘scanner photographers’ are computer pros . . . I, for one, am an amateur (haven’t learned PhotoShop yet!). When I read about the process I wanted to share it with others. At the bottom of this page is one of my favorite early “shots”…a Monstera d. flower.
    I also discovered many uses for kids. Scanography is a great hobby, craft and perhaps pefect for many botanical applications.

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