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  1. Beverley

    Magnolia grandiflora – Z6 – RHS Index of Garden Plants, Griffiths
    Magnolia grandiflora – Z7-9 – A-Z Encyclopedia of Garden Plants, Brickell, Cole, Zuk
    Magnolia grandiflora – hardy in the open if given shelter and full sun – Hillier Manual of Trees & Shrubs, 2003

  2. Hollis Marriott

    wow – beautiful! How large is the flower?

  3. Daniel Mosquin

    I don’t know how large this particular one is (and David’s on vacation), but as implied by the epithet grandiflora, the flowers are large: up to 36cm (15in) wide.

  4. Katherine

    I have a similar tree–they generally have large flowers with large petals, so they can be 8 to 10 inches across when fully open, maybe even bigger. And a lovely, slightly citrusy scent.
    The flowers really stand out in the moonlight–big white spots against the dark leaves of the tree.

  5. Ron B

    One of the most popular ornamental trees, cultivated even in China some years ago. Planted wherever it stands a chance of succeeding, I have seen it in as tropical a climate as that of Honolulu and as cold as the microclimate in a nook (raised planter) in the old Temple in Salt Lake City, Utah.
    Occasional blooms of largest-flowering cultivars 16 in. across.

  6. Diane Thoms

    When was magnolia grandiflora introduced to U.K.?

  7. Tina Foecking


  8. Essie


  9. michele shute

    The magnolia was our most loved tree in our last garden and I have since planted 8 “Baby Gems” at our new house in memory of my husband. This photo is magnificent and a true representation of the wonderful flowers.Would I be able to use it as the basis for a silk-painting?
    Thank you, Michele

  10. Devendra Basnyat

    It is a beautiful flower. I have seen in hilly area of Nepal. Photo reminded me the placea and the beauty of the flower when it was blumming.

  11. Nat

    The Folger library in Washington Dc has a little Shakespeare Garden (complete with sculptures. and four beautiful magnolia regina trees.
    If you visit DC stop to sit in the garden for a bit, its very peaceful and soothing. (Its located behind the Library of Congress).

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