6 responses to “Dendrobium speciosum”

  1. Margaret Morgan

    Well, colour me chuffed, Daniel, for the lovely reference to my website.

    As for the Dendrobium, I just wish Web-Smell existed!



  2. Van

    Spectacular bloom. Good job Margaret.

  3. Elaine

    That looks huge! How tall is it?

  4. Ken

    The wild version appears to be no different from the cultivated, although they tend to grow larger when cultivated.

  5. Margaret Morgan

    It’s not so big, Elaine. This specimen is around 30-40cm tall. The flowers are tiny, less than 2mm in width.

  6. Karen Stewart

    We have one of these beautiful orchids!! We are so excited, because it is getting ready to bloom. We live in Nokomis, FL approximately 1 mile from the Gulf of Mexico. We have a small pond (800 gallons) with a 15 foot stream and the orchid (I divided into two plants) in teak baskets over the waterfall. We inherited the orchid last year. It was so over grown, I divided into 3 plants total (I gave one to a friend)It is hanging from a slatted arbor. When I got the orchid, I didn’t know what it was, so I had it identified by Stig Dahlstom from Selby Gardens, Sarasota FL.

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