4 responses to “Cucurbita cultivars”

  1. Debra Dunaway

    Beautiful!! abosultely beautiful!!! well done

  2. Eva

    and don’t forget luffas (loofa) for sponges – see Wikipedia.

  3. Sheila Pickerill

    I have seen many of these growing and being used dried in central and south central Kentucky. In some isolated rural districts in that area without plumbing, they are used as a very large spoon would be used in buckets of water or a shallow water well, thereby earning their name of “dipper,” e.g. “Would you like me to dip you a dipper-full to drink”?

  4. Daniel Mosquin

    Elisabeth F sent me a note suggesting that the pale cucurbit is likely the rounded end of a butternut squash – seems logical to me!

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