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  1. Karen Vaughan, MSTOM

    What a coincidence in timing. Last night I brought in Bidens frondosa, which looks something like a green echinacea, to be identified. The Bidens had previously eluded my attention. But to reiterate your comment on variability see:
    Still looking for medicinal uses of B.frondosa, but other bidens are used medicinally. Bidens tripartita. For example, Bartram’s “Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine” , says the dried leaves and stems of B.triparta are used as for its anti-hemorrhage, astringent, diuretic and diaphoretic properties. B pilosa is used in Chinese medicine for colds and fevers, the whole herb is taken with several other herbs (including mint) as a decoction. For acute appendicitis, it is taken as a decoction prepared with 60-120 grams of dried herb; the resulting decoction is divided into four doses taken over the course of a day. (Chinese medicine always combines herbs however so it is doubtless used with strong antimicrobials like Coptis chinensis or Scutellaria baicalensis and perhaps antispasmodics.)

  2. Romantic Me

    filtered sunlight gold
    glints off my nose as I gaze
    beauty found on earth

  3. Ron B

    Looks like a white coreopsis.

  4. Leslie

    In Florida, I have a large patch of Bidens alba growing in my butterfly garden. It is a white flower similar to Bidens aurea and is commonly known as Spanish needles or tickseed. I am constantly amazed at the variety of insects that feed on both the nectar and pollen of the flowers, ranging from myriad butterflies and moths to honeybees, wasps and a type of beetle that creates a foam at the base of the flower (I haven’t identified that beetle). I also see bright orange robber beetles on it as well as bright green bees with black stripes that are smaller than honeybees. Bidens alba will bloom for much of the spring and fall if I deadhead the spent blooms.

  5. Beverley

    Bidens aurea – Z8 – RHS Index of Garden Plants, Griffiths

  6. Cop Konteynerleri

    Is it some kind a daisy ?

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