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  1. alan

    My Jatropha trees are being attacked by some kind of insect that is eating the material just under the bark resulting in ugly leisions and tunnels in the wood resulting in leggy branches with discolored leaves. There are little black ant colonies that have made nesteds in the chewed up wood pulp and holes.
    Recommendations would very much be appreciated. I’m afraid I may lose some trees.

  2. Daniel Mosquin

    Hi Alan,
    That’s a better question for the UBC Botanical Garden Forums.

  3. Mukesh patel

    Hi i am Mukesh patel working on Jatroph breeding work since 2006. i have one little confusion about Jatropha integerrima and Jatropha pendaurifolia. is there any difference between them or they are same. kindly give some suggestion beceause in internet the photograph are looking same.

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