6 responses to “David C. Lam Asian Garden”

  1. Elizabeth

    Hmmm… very clever! Way to experiment!

  2. John Harvey

    Photography has alternatively been described as “about” light or contrast. In this case you have used a large spotlight to replace an on camera flash – the direction is almost identical, the fill seems similar and the contrast (while well controlled in this shot) isn’t that much different than a good on camera flash shot. If I may suggest – get the light away from the axis of the lens and you will get more creative results. “Light painting” gives lots of opportunities for adding light.

  3. Ron B

    Sasquatches don’t make scratching sounds when they walk. So you won’t have to worry about that again.

  4. yoli

    The texture & amazing color is very appealing.

  5. Daniel Mosquin

    Thanks all.
    John, thanks, I will do so in the future. I had in mind to try lighting from an angle with some “leggy-stemmed” shrubs to create an abstract, but I forgot my remote shutter lock and a cool wind sent me back indoors.

  6. C Annabel

    It’s beautiful…

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