Botanical Beach

Hundreds of tidepools can be found at Botanical Beach in Juan de Fuca Provincial Park; many of these contain this species of surfgrass shown in the photograph, Phyllospadix scouleri. I wanted to write about both the adaptations (how does a vascular plant survive in a salt water environment?) and sex lives of these dioecious plants (how does the pollen travel from the male to the female plant?), but entertaining texts for these already exist online, courtesy of the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute: Phyllospadix – the Surfers (about adaptations) and Seagrass Courtship (about reproduction challenges).

Today’s entry is number 500 in the BPotD series of images and write-ups. Thank you all for your continued contributions and support.

Botany resource link: Celebrating Wildflowers, a site from the USDA Forest Service, assembles some very valuable information: where to see wildflowers in the US. Discovered via the Botanical Electronic News.

Botanical Beach

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  1. Douglas Justice

    Congratulations on your 500th BPotD posting, Daniel. I suspect that significant numbers of people (who don’t necessarily post comments here) look forward to your consistently beautiful daily photographic offerings, insightful commentary and useful resource links, and heartily applaud your efforts. I certainly do.

  2. Sarah

    Bravo, Daniel! I’m impressed daily with the photos and your explanations. Keep them coming!

  3. Patricia

    I have enjoyed all your pictures and have learned much about the world of plants. Thank you.

  4. Mary W. Farmer

    My congratulations as well. I’ve only recently started following your posts and find them a great inspiration. Your widget for OS X is a marvel, too. Sometimes that’s all I have time to look at, and although the images are small, they’re of the finest quality. Thank you.

  5. judy newton

    Congratulations Daniel on #500. It is the first thing I look at when I turn on my computer and todays tidepool is a very romantic looking photo.

  6. Brian Carson

    Frank Kingdom-Ward said it so nicely: “It is not enough that romance lies behind the birth and growth of the landscape and the mantle of plants that clothe it. The happy traveler must seek to convey some of that romance to others who have not had the good fortune to enjoy it and what better means can there be than by”. . . your daily plant photos, personal comments and incredible number of wonderful links. Thanks to UBC and you in particular, Daniel, for enriching our lives and congratulations on #500 BPotD.

  7. phillip lacock

    way to go kid-o…!!!…….out of the 500….i’ve got 358,,,(some i didn’t like)…the most awesome slide show you’d ever see…thank you daniel…!!
    Oh…just to keep you on your toes mr. mean mr. 500,,, the 40rty improvements…,,,,just…wondering…?

  8. Daniel Mosquin

    Thanks all.
    Hi Philip, good to hear from you. Those improvements are still on my mind, and should restart soon – unfortunately, two of the main pieces of software I use (vBulletin and Movable Type) recently went to new versions, so I’ve both been waiting to upgrade and waiting for the handy plugins for both to be developed and tested before doing much work on this.

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