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  1. Sarah Dixon

    Daniel, your daily email is truly life-enhancing; especially as I know I’ll get at least one positive email each day! Here in the UK we are in the grip of a serious heat wave, so please, please, please will you post up a picture of somewhere really cold. Go on, you must have a saxifrage clinging to life on some frosty ledge, or an arctic willow. Once, near Illullissatt, W Greenland, I saw a whole hillside aflame with azaleas – plus snow! Something like that would be wonderful. Thanks! Sarah Dixon

  2. Hazel

    I’ve just signed again… on behalf of my husband this time and was #1111! We just love visiting this area of the Okanagan. Keep up the good work Daniel!

  3. Niall Williams

    A search for John Davidson, brought up a link to this picture. Is it by John D.? The depositor of Johns archives, is was happy to hear about the ongoing cataloguing of the collection.

  4. lea-p

    Thank you for including this petition. Shrub-steppe ecosystems are my very favorite places, and the whole of the Okanogan/Okanagan has some exquisite places.
    And I love your daily botanicals. I read them everyday through a Macintosh “widget.”

  5. Daniel Mosquin

    Thanks all. Niall, I think you posted a comment on the wrong entry – which particular one were you intending to comment on?

  6. sarah

    hi, im sarah, how sad is this website!?!?! you do come across some crap these days!

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