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  1. Lynn Wohlers

    Beautiful photograph! Do these lillies typically branch to produce two blooms on one stem?

  2. Beverley

    Lilium columbianum – Z5 – RHS Index of Garden Plants, Griffiths

  3. Hollis

    I read the list and I agree … Nature goofed up. This is a great weblog.

  4. Daniel Mosquin

    Thanks, Lynn – one was typical, two to three flowers per stem were common, four to seven or eight flowers could be found with some searching.
    Thanks, Hollis.

  5. max

    Obviously Nature thinks bioinformatics, say, is cooler than botany, but I didn’t expect them to deny that the latter is actually a science.
    I guess you should start a proteomics blog if you want to make that list.

  6. Daniel Mosquin

    I really can’t speak for Nature, but I suspect it was merely an oversight.

  7. phillip lacock

    ……………# 1 ……..
    on this computer!!

  8. magnamater

    an outstanding photo…brings back memories…used to call this lily a wild tiger lily…

  9. Elaine Horner

    I was searching the web for this wild day lily. I took a picture of it growing wild on the banks of Lake Ouachita in Hot Springs, Arkansas on July 7, 2007. I had to crawl up the bank into some high brush to get a good closeup pic of this unusual wild flower and have the bites to prove it. Managed not to see any snakes though :). As I love day lilies, I loved this flower and was very perplexed by it. So glad I found it here. Thank you.
    Elaine Horner

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