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  1. Deb Christmas


  2. Ron B

    Grand fir on the left. I’ve had an eagle fledgeling walking around on the roof before. The tree in a nearby neighborhood they were using for the nest was comparatively short, but had a good shape at the top for nesting and perching. Since some years in that one, in a small suburban back yard they have moved over to the old growth trees in the nearby city park, where one might have expected they would have been nesting in the first place. The snagtop fir there that is used for perching is 176′ high.

  3. Bill Ravenscroft

    Wonderful shot. You are so fortunate to be able to get so close on a regular basis.
    I believe the Eagle is sitting straight up, any other way would be unnatural; so the angle of lean of the tree is probably just as you see it in the photo.

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