4 responses to “Agropyron cristatum”

  1. Bill Hooker

    I’m #1070.

  2. Daniel Mosquin

    Thanks Bill!

  3. K. Oakley

    I’m number 1079. Signing was painless, and took less than a minute.

  4. Jerry Copeland

    I don’t think that my signature would be valid in Canada! However, the lake is really interesting.
    When I first saw the image I wondered just what kind of weird clouds you all have up there!! But your comments soon clarified the use of this lake as the background.
    Good luck on accomplishing the petition. Aquatic habitats are so important and seem to be the most imperiled of any habitat, especially in the states since they tend to occur where human development and growth soon reach out to! While I commend the Nature Conservancy for protecting these floundering wild lands their (the Nature Conservancy) presence says it all! The days of WILDerness seem to becoming only passing memories!

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