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  1. Paul Hoffman

    Richard Shindell has a great song called Wisteria on his Somewhere Near Paterson album. The plant actually plays a significant part in the song.

  2. novice gardener

    lovely pic of wisteria
    I am thinking of planting this wisteria and allowing it to spread along the deck railing…….my concern BEFORE doing so is : does it s roots or branches permanently stain or mark the railing…….note my railings are painted aluminum not wood

  3. Karla

    Please note that most wisteria are rampant tenacious plants that can invade other trees for support. In my area of the country (USA, VA) it has escaped into the woods and has become a problem. Please make sure your supports are sturdy – I have seen no evidence on staining – however if you even need to repaint you might have to chainsaw it unless you’re vigilent on pruning.
    good luck!

  4. Barbara Rynard

    We have an arbour in our backyard – we planted 2 wisteria bushes beside the arbour – the bottom part of the plant is bare but very bushy and gree on top of the arbour but no flowers – these were planted about 7 years ago and we have never had flowers although the plants look very healthy. We have to trim the vine ends as they cling to everything. About 3 years ago, we cut the whole bushes back to almost nothing in hopes that would help it to flower – but no luck. Help!!
    Thank you

  5. Ebony

    I think this flower is very “lovely”!!! it smells so so so good and makes great great great great paint!!!!! And the way it hangs down light lights lights up my fire!!!!!

  6. Sylvia

    I have a Wisteria floribunda rosea and this year it did not flower at all! What should I do to it to encourage blossoms?

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