3 responses to “Tragopogon pratensis”

  1. Pat Meadows

    You are correct about the larch – the leaves turn yellow in fall, before falling from the trees. There’s a stand of larches I can see from my living room windows and every fall, I think they are dead, because it just looks so strange to see all that yellow on a conifer. Then I remember that they’re just larches.
    Pat (in the Appalachians in northern Pennsylvania)

  2. Bill Hooker

    Great timing! Just the other day I noticed some of these near work (Portland, OR) and wondered what they were.

  3. Ginny Snyder

    I’m coming late to the site, but the previous comments reminded me of when I was a young Wide-eyed Bride eons ago, just transported from Hawaii to upstate NY and my prankster husband let me think the larches (or as we called them,Tamaracks) were all dead. He kept up the charade until I commented on the pale greenness the next spring and quizzed him about the “lichen on the dead trees”….. What a hoot! It was years before I lived it down.

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