12 responses to “Lonicera crassifolia”

  1. Elisabeth Ljungkull

    Query: Is this adorable lonicera hardy in marvelous Minnesota?

  2. Michael F

    So where is it from in China?
    It has the look of an alpine heathland plant

  3. Margaret

    Does it have a perfume?

  4. Daniel Mosquin

    Elisabeth, apparently hardy to zone 5, so I think that rules out Minnesota.
    Michael, I don’t have access to the garden’s database right now to give a quick answer re: what province of China.
    And Margaret – I didn’t check, but perhaps I’ll be able to investigate tomorrow. Of what little information there is online, fragrance isn’t mentioned (some honeysuckles don’t have any, so it wouldn’t be surprising).

  5. Eric La Fountaine

    Michael, Lonicera crassifolia is native to Yunnan and Sichuan provinces in China. The plants in the photo were grown from cuttings collected in the wild , near the Yangtze River in southwest Sichuan.

  6. Maureen

    it’s a beautiful plant, Daniel — i look forward to seeing more photos of the blossoms.

  7. Charlotte

    The leaves look as if they could withstand sub-tropical climates. Is this the case? Is it from the area of China around Chongching? Would the plant survive in southwest Florida with the high heat and humidity and rainy season?

  8. Linda Kumin

    How big does this lonicera get? Do we know if it “spreads vigorously” or is self-containing or easliy contained?

  9. Shirley Tebbs

    Can you get this plant at any lower mainland
    retail garden centres at all.
    And is it self contained habit.
    What zone? What spread and ht.
    Thanks for your reply.

  10. Pamela Yokome

    This lovely little plant is available in the Vancouver area at plant sales at Darts Hill Garden Park. For a listing of Open Houses and plant sale dates please visit http://www.dartshill.ca/calendaropen.html

  11. Carole Nelson

    I have six Hall Honeysuckle plants, and they are so beautiful and grow and grow! I bought six of these little Honeysuckle plants at our local nursery in Poulsbo, Washington. I have never seen these plants before, and am so glad I bought them. I can’t wait to see the beautiful flowers, and see these little plants grow. I am going back to purchase more of these plants. I feel lucky our local nursery had them in stock.

  12. Sharon

    I’m curious to know if Charlotte’s question (6/7/06)was ever answered. I’m in Zone 9B, east coast Florida and I’d love to grow this as a ground cover if it will take our heat and humidity. Can I grow it in shade here? I have an east-facing bank that gets a good bit of sun where I’d like to plant it, toward the top of the bank for best drainage.Thanks for any info.

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