5 responses to “Persicaria bistorta ‘Superba’”

  1. Ken Girard

    It is also very hardy, enduring Calgary’s harsh climate.
    It likes to colonize and spread though, so beware – here today, everywhere tomorrow.

  2. Randa

    I love this plant for its burgundy fall foliage…other than that, I don’t care for it either. I’ve reduced it to a small patch, from its former ‘everywhere tomorrow’ status, as Ken so eloquently put it!

  3. Steve

    I’m not familiar with ‘Superba’ bistort, but when I first saw this photograph, I was very impressed. I’ll have to look for this plant and see if it lives up to my first impression from the photograph, or if I, too, will decide that I don’t care for it!

  4. Christen

    A closer macro would be interesting. Thank you for this one!

  5. Evelyn Newland

    I have one plant and want more, I haven’t had trouble with it spreading, spikes stay forever and are a pretty pink. We live in Spokane Wa and am finding it hard to locate more. If anyone knows were I can find more, please let me know. thanks Ev

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