7 responses to “Fuligo septica”

  1. Faustina

    Yikes! I think that’s the most evocative name I’ve ever come across! Facinating organisms.(Hmmm, are they officially organisms…?)
    Thanks for keeping it interesting! 🙂

  2. Carlene

    How long does this slime mold stay in the garden?
    Does it ever go away?

  3. sonia

    did you know that slime molds were once thought to be animals due to their creeping phase.slime molds are also classified in the animal kingdaom

  4. bonniel

    there it is again,the wall where I know so little about so much I know almost nothing about everything.

  5. curtains

    I just came in from spraying this nasty fungus I’ve seen for some time growing under some bird feeders with a powerful hose. Seeing the clouds of spores erupt, I thought after breathing it, it was curtains for me. From what I’ve read, I will live to see some more grow back. I don’t know if that’s a victory or not.. >:-D

  6. Lisa

    We have this slime mold vomit in the children’s playground, in the bark that surrounds the play equipment. The children run around in it and have daily contact with the bark. Is it harmful to the children? We usually remove it and spray the area with a bleach solution. Is there another way to get rid of it? Their parents are really concerned!

  7. Daniel Mosquin

    It’s harmless.

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