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  1. Callie

    I was given a little tiny bud of a cactus 10 years ago – and just last Friday (Aug 3, 2007) my (now much larger) cactus burst into bloom!!! It had two creamy pink and white blooms with an incredible fresh smell – and one tiny little flower in the middle that looked like a star burst. And now, because of the iVillage GardenWeb and your website I now know my funny little cactus is Echinopsis oxygona. I have neglected this cactus for years – routinely forgetting to water it all winter, leaving it out in the rain/sun during the summer…and this is my reward…unbelievably beautiful flowers.
    Geez, I wish all of my life would be like this! 😉

  2. Becca

    I have just discovered that I have two of these cacti. Could someone tell me how often they bloom, and is there anyway to make them bloom each year? It has been about 11 years since it has bloomed last. Thanks

  3. Larraine

    We have a 15yr old plant the same as this. It flowers every year and has done for about 5 yrs. It stsrts blooming in July and is stil bloomiung now. We get upto 10 flowers at a time, lasting 2-3 days each bloom. It’s very beautiful. we do very little with it. It’s left in the greenhouse with occasional watering in the summer.

  4. Reginaldo Cruz

    I live in Rio Grande do Sul, the southest state of Brazil. I’m studiyng Biology and searching about cacti. One of them is E. oxygona, there is a representative native population of it in Cachoeira do Sul/RS. If you want I can send some pictures of them in habitat.

  5. Patrick

    I have three, one foot long, and about the thickness of a large grape fruit. Each one of them has grown a bunch of little babies around them that grow pretty good over the past few years. They grow the tubes and flower each year for the past five years. They are the most beautiful flower I have ever seen and their is something about them that makes you feel amazed because of how pure they look and smell so delicate. They follow the sun on the day of bloom and last a few days but mainly the first day they are upright. They are a true blessing and to me they have been a blessing from the pure divinity of life. As you can see, they are very touching. They are indoor in the winter and I bring them outside in the spring, summer and most of fall. I live in Southern Ontario Canada. They are a true blessing if you have have them.

  6. Marthe

    Je collectionne les ECHINOPSIS OXYGONA chez moi et ils me font des fleurs régulièrement.
    Seulement je ne sais pas comment obtenir des fruits ni même ce à quoi ils ressemblent.
    Est-ce que quelqu’un pourrais me faire parvenir une photo du fruit de ce cactus? Merci

  7. Marthe

    I collect Echinopsis OXYGONA my house and they make me flowers regularly.
    I just do not know how to get fruit or what they look like
    Did some man or could send me a picture of cactus fruit? thank you

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