5 responses to “Sphagnum squarrosum”

  1. Bg Al

    My mother told me, that during WW1 they harvested Sphagnum moss, to be used for wound dressing, can anyone confirm this?

  2. Logan

    Happy Birthday Daniel!

  3. Maire Smith

    See http://www.cbmh.ca/archive/00000176/01/cbmhbchm_v6n1riegler.pdf
    for information about this. Or google for ‘sphagnum wound dressing war’ to find other links.
    I must say, the distribution seems very odd indeed. How on earth did New Zealand get it, when it seems otherwise to be very northern hemisphere?

  4. Sammi

    Hmmm, my class recently did a science experiment with Sphagnum moss. We tested to see how much water it would absorb in ten mintues. I can’t quite remember, but I think it gained around 80 grams after being in the water.

  5. max

    yes, my grandmom told me the same. Spagnum was actually used as a wound dressing dare to it’s desinfiction qualityes.

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