3 responses to “Saguaro National Park”

  1. phillip lacock

    having graudated from high school,in the 60’s, in tucson, the above scene was almost a daily romp for adventure. tucson, the only place where saguaro’s naturaly grow, land of the “giants”, many over a century old, also had a small bird that lived in holes of the cactus,what a great home in such a harsh environment, sturdy,non-climbable,and much cooler than the desert floor.how diverse we are!

  2. Leslie

    These saguaro are beautiful. I have 8 saguaro that I started from seed about 6 yrs ago. The smallest is only an inch tall and the largest is only about 3.5 in. I protect them from the Florida rainfall and would love to see the full grown versions one day.

  3. Mary Ann, in Toronto

    I really love this desert, and very likely walked through the hills in this photo, 15-20 years ago. To my eyes, this is a spectacular and fascinating landscape, with gorgeous other-worldly vegetation.
    Thanks for this.

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