9 responses to “Fouquieria splendens”

  1. Katie

    I really like this post. Thanks!

  2. Hollis Marriott

    Does Al or anyone know if these are blooming now in California? and how far north can one find them? I will be on I-10 crossing CA soon. Thanks

  3. Daniel Mosquin

    My photographs were taken in the first week of April. At the time, there were still some in bud at one of the turnoffs just south of the Cholla Cactus Garden in Joshua Tree NP. I don’t know how long the flowers last, but the Jepson Herbarium mentions March through July (also contains a distribution map)

  4. Hollis Marriott

    thanks, Dan, looks like I-10 might be too far north, but I’ll keep an eye out

  5. Daniel Mosquin

    I-10 runs south of Joshua Tree NP – if they are still in flower, you’ll almost certainly see some along the roadsides.

  6. Jeff Haskell

    Mine are blooming like mad in Tucson now.
    Thank you for reminding me, I’d forgotten to look and admire.

  7. Ricardo Garbarini

    Wonderful photograps!!
    A question: May I use some of this pictures on my webpage? (if the answer is no; don’t worry, I will understand). I’m from Uruguay (South America), and I love Ocotillo trees (I have a veeery little one)
    Ricardo Garbarini

  8. Mary Ann, in Toronto

    Yes, beautiful photographs — Thank you.
    Ricardo’s comment led me back to this desert series, from 3 years into the future.

  9. Daniel Mosquin

    Ricardo, I am only now getting to my emails from when I was away last summer (believe it or not).
    As long as it isn’t for commercial use and you attribute the image, it is fine.

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