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  1. Eric Simpson

    I know few people will see a new comment on a “previous year” page, but it seemed appropriate:
    I just got back from Anza-Borrego and I have to report that I saw an ocotillo, ONE ocotillo, with pale yellow flowers! Didn’t know they came in that flavor.

  2. Daniel Mosquin

    Any photographs, Eric?

  3. Eric Simpson

    Yes, Daniel, I got some photos. I’ve loaded the best one onto my Flickr page (my first Flickr pic!) at http://www.flickr.com/photos/15627081@N08/2437422711/

  4. Eric Simpson

    Oh, I should add that this was taken after a 3.5 hour hike up the ridge to the south of the mouth of Palm Canyon, at about 2580′ elev. (~1800′ above the campgrounds).

  5. Mary Ann, in Toronto

    The top photo really brings back memories. Saguaro National Park is one of my favourite places of all — if you respond to desert landscapes, this feels like another world, especially for someone living in a city in a temperate zone.
    My first visit to SNP was just after the spring rains, and many species of cactus were in bloom. I remember being very enchanted with this desert, and making an effort to learn the names of the cacti. Thankfully, that exercise pretty much “took”, as I still know many of them. Ocotillo (and the saguaro, of course) are two species I especially like.

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