Field of Tulipa

John Harvey has kindly shared this recent photograph of his trip to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival via the BPotD Submissions Forum (original thread | photograph on John’s site | John’s copyright statement and terms of use). John has previously been featured on BPotD as a photography resource link in this entry; he continues his helpful ways with this: John’s Unofficial Guide to Taking Pictures of Tulips on Farms. Thanks John!

If you read through John’s article, you’ll learn (as I did) that the tulips grown in Skagit Valley are grown for bulb production (cut flowers are secondary, unlike here). For more depth on raising tulips as a bulb crop, read Tom Guffey’s article on exploring the area from a touristing photographer’s perspective, “A Wonderful Shooting Hotspot in Washington State”.

Photography resource link: Snapshots from Wild Kamloops, the photography of Robert Koopmans. A few of Robert’s photographs will be showing up on BPotD from time to time, but that’s all the more reason to check out his photo galleries. Don’t miss the “fading yellow bell” in his wildflowers gallery, his (better) version of yesterday’s plant. Also, this BPotD entry has a Koopmansian counterpart: see the landscapes gallery and look at “dead Ponderosa pine, Cinnamon Ridge”.

A Field of Tulips

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  1. Ron B

    Roozengarde has a dazzling field blooming right on Best Rd., south of Christianson’s nursery this year.

  2. Ron B

    Found that one cut over and closed today, but main display still open–as was Tulip Town.

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