5 responses to “Viburnum rhytidophyllum”

  1. Michael F

    From central & southwestern China. I’m a little surprised it is hardy enough to grow in Missouri

  2. Ron B

    I’m surprised to see it called “Eurasian”.

  3. Douglas Justice

    I’m a bit confused by the Eurasian reference, as well. I can only find it listed as coming from central and western China. I would add that the hairs, once dislodged, are a significant breathing hazard. They are stellate (star-shaped) and easily caught on the slightest breath of wind.
    I recall renovating a huge colony of Viburnum rhytidophyllum at VanDusen Garden with Gerry Gibbens, the gardener responsible for the (superb) Sino Himalayan Garden. We were hacking and coughing in no time. I believe that was the same year I dislocated my shoulder pulling tree branches out of the underbrush in the same garden. It’s no wonder I’m in management now.

  4. Ron B

    Pay might be a little better as well.

  5. Sue

    Is this the same shrub that in August in the Southeast sets out long leather-like quarter-sized “purses” on stems protruding from the shrub?

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