Porella cordaeana

I’m on vacation, so only a short written accompaniment today. – Daniel

Porella cordaeana is a liverwort (and the first liverwort entry on Botany Photo of the Day). Liverworts are divided morphologically into two main groups: the leafy liverworts which appear similar to mosses (such as Porella) and the thalloid liverworts. To see the difference in structure, visit An Introduction to Liverwort Morphology via the web site of UBC’s bryophytes course.

Porella cordaeana

4 responses to “Porella cordaeana”

  1. Elizabeth

    Beautiful! My favorite one so far!!! Thank you!

  2. Jeanne

    Please do not worry yourself about these silly double emails. Enjoy your vacation!
    We appreciate your lovely service. Doubles are easy to delete. I repeat: Enjoy your vacation.

  3. Joseph Brenner

    Boss Moss!

  4. Susan Hersey

    A stunning photograph! But please enlighten me – what are the blue ‘berries’? They don’t look like any reproductive organs I’ve seen on liverworts. although that may only point to my inexperience.

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